Key Skills that Recruiters Watch Out for in Management Graduates

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While gainful employment is the key driving force behind graduates pursuing Graduate Management Education (GME), students have a reasonable expectation that having a business management credential will improve the employability prospects.  The term ‘Employability’ broadly suggests the key attributes required in a person to gain initial employment, be employed as well as obtain a new employment when required. Business schools on the other hand, have a pivotal role to play right through the stage of selection of candidates through exams like NMAT by GMAC and during the years in the business school.

They are instrumental in honing those key skills that are required for employability during the years which follow. An independent study conducted by The Corporate Recruiters Survey 2019 suggests that 9 out of 10 recruiters agree that business school graduates are well prepared for their role in companies. Taking a cue from the study colleges such as NMIMS have a well chalked plan for students who wish to pursue their business degree in NMIMS or in getting a PGDM at NMIMS. The focus is to-

  • Understand what today’s employers look for in hiring business school graduates
  • Get an insight into how they take decisions pertaining to employment AND
  • Hone the students with the key skills required for the jobs that can increase their job prospects

Two key skills what most of the recruiters look out for

The findings from over 1,200 employers suggests that most of the employers are overwhelmingly happy with the overall preparedness of the of graduates studying Management. Almost 65% of the respondents agree that business school graduates are ready to take on the job of their respective company. The confidence level, overall preparedness of the graduates is strongest in finance/accounting, technology and healthcare sector.

From the given list of 10 skills recruiters have identified two key skills that are important for job openings and which every prospective employer looks at. These include-

Problem solving ability57% of the respondents have suggested that this ability to solve simpler and complex issues can be a positive attribute at a workplace. Decision making, analysis of the problem, research, team building, creativity and listening demonstrates the problem-solving skills in a person.

Working with other: In other words, a team player is one of the most sought-after skills for companies. Based on the rating given by 50% of the respondents, you may comprehend that skills such as patience and empathy, active listening skills, good judgement, decision making capacity, influencing skills are some of the vital skills that recruiters look out for in management students. 

While this global survey indicates of what the recruitment industry follows worldwide, business degree in NMIMS is about training graduate students for their bigger role in companies. NMAT by GMAC gives this opportunity to the deserving candidates who wish to pursue a business study or a PGDM in NMIMS.

While the vast majority of recruiters say that the business school graduates are adequately prepared for their role in companies, there is certain value attached to those skills which most of the recruiters agree to be important for every organization. Apart from those mentioned above, the list includes-

  • Quantitative tasks
  • Oral Communication and Presentation
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Comprehension and Logic

With change being the constant thing in this world, Management Schools are at pivotal crossroads facing the challenges on how to brace up for change while also focus on employability skills of the students.  In this given scenario, getting the right business degree in NMIMS is half the battle won; for it provides you with a whole world of possibilities. While students are readied for their future careers, they are given the right skill training to increase their employability quotient for the future jobs as well.

Source: Corporate Recruiters Survey 2019 by GMAC

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