Get the Legal Edge with a One-Year LL.M. Degree

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Pursuing Masters in Law leading to an LL.M. degree has become more of a necessity than interest as it was perceived. While it gives a professional edge to your present law degree, it is also an opportunity to specialize in the respective area of law that you have an interest in. Typically, an LL.M. degree is a two-year program that is usually pursued by students immediately after their degree. As a reputed Law college in India, NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law offers a One-year-LL.M. program designed for working professionals and those who wish to kick-start their career in law in a specialized area. To this end, there are a host of specializations that students may choose from that includes Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Financial Regulations. With an LL.M. degree under your qualification belt, students are trained for specific skill sets required for real-life corporate world, litigation, and other areas of law practice.

Masters in Law and Litigation at NMIMS

As one of the reputed institutions imparting legal education in the country, NMIMS ranks among the top colleges in India. Students studying for an LL.M. degree get the exposure to the real-life legal practice for raising Corporate finance, analysis of Securities law, Banking and Insurance laws, Mergers and Acquisition, International Trade Law, and Insolvency Laws. The entire course module is systematically developed spanning over one year and is divided into three trimesters.

This program is especially advantageous to working professionals who want to get an edge over their area of specialization and also for those who wish to get an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Career prospects with an LL.M. degree

Undergraduate students opting to pursue the One-year LL.M. degree in NMIMS have a wide range of career choices, depending on the area of study. Whether to pursue Litigation or opt for Corporate Law practice, the Banking and Financial sector reckon students with an LL.M. degree from reputed law college under their belt. Having said this, the private law practice is growing manifold so much so that today it includes a whole range of specializations under the sun and different practice areas too-Advisory, Litigation, mentoring, corporate practice, among others. The legal ecosystem is diverse, far-fetched, and yet inclusive. An LL.M. degree is much more than a qualification when it comes to law practice.

Overview of the Institution and Course Content

The course content is an intensive structure that provides the right platform for students to prepare for a career of their choice. Specific guidelines are laid for each course in terms of program outcome where students get an opportunity to focus on particular areas of law, in much detail as well as gain exposure to the making of seminar papers, legal research writing, and get a broad understanding of the law.

The course material involves compulsory internship programs and massive databases of national and international information on case studies, laws, and regulations. To sum up, the entire course content is designed, keeping in mind the needs of the students while also enabling them to demonstrate competence in dealing with various law practice challenges. The comprehensive LL.M. Course aims to achieve all of these through its one-year LL.M. program offered at the Mumbai Campus. To Register, visit:

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