High Demand for Law Professionals in the Industry

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Lawyering or law as a profession has evolved over a period of time from traditional areas of practice such as civil and criminal law, property matters, labour law practice to much larger areas of practice. Literally speaking, there is no aspect of human life where law practice holds no scope. Today, it encompasses several areas including Intellectual Property Rights, Company Law, International Law and Practice, Marine Law and so much more. Needless to say, the profession has become exciting, satisfying yet very demanding for young law professionals. Here, we wish to emphasize on the fact that the demand for law professionals has shown consistent growth over the past couple of years and is likely to grow manifold in the years to come that will eventually include various areas covering the tangible and the intangible areas of human life.

Until the past few decades, law practice was largely limited to practice before the courts of law, i.e., in the areas covering litigation and judiciary across various courts (lower courts, High Courts and Supreme Courts), Tribunals – such as Debt Recovery Tribunals, Land Tribunals, Railways Tribunals, and Forums – like Consumer Forums. While this is a thing of the past, with time and demand for lawyers, organizations and companies began hiring lawyers in large numbers for their legal departments. Today, practically every company have lawyers on board in advisory roles along with practicing lawyers. This has translated to an increase in demand for lawyers across various industries and sectors.

Some of the sectors that have attracted lawyers in great numbers during the recent years include

Banking and Finance Sector: Whether it is about compliance or documentation, the banking and finance sector has paved the way for the employment of a large team of lawyers. Besides this, follow-up in the courts of law and tribunals, briefing advocates about cases are some of the roles that lawyers practicing at the banking and finance sector have to do as a part of their job responsibility.

Intellectual Property:Trademark, patent, copyright, Geographical Indication are the terms that were uncommon until the last few decades. The need to protect rights of the goods and services of a particular origin, make or brand, has led to a number of disputes. There has always been a tussle between the original and the fake, claim for the authentic against the counterfeit. This has led to the introduction of intellectual property as a right-which only a rightful owner enjoys.

Corporate Sector:Companies and corporations have large teams of lawyers to conduct their daily legal compliances and paperwork. Contract management, adherence to various acts and regulations, ensuring that the deals between the company and its suppliers/vendors are within the spirit of law are some of the many functions that corporate lawyers handle as a part of their job.

There has been a rise in the number of students opting to study law especially during the past couple of years after the completion of 10+2. Kirit P. Mehta School of Law established under the aegis of NMIMS is a reputed law college that offers integrated LL.B. and LL.M. programs. It provides quality education in an intellectually stimulating environment, thereby providing the right ground to hone talent and skills for young budding lawyers.

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