Traits of a Successful Lawyer

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Pursuing law as a career is a life-changing decision for young law students. There is immense growth potential and scope for growth for lawyers as they move up in life. Being a lawyer myself, with over seven years of practice at the bar, I am yet to come across a single lawyer who is not happy with their chosen area of life. There is immense satisfaction in lawyering, and it is very gratifying in terms of professional and personal development as you put in years into your practice. While a law school provides you the formative training to hone skills and develop professional acumen, there are other traits that you develop over time and with practice.

In saying so, what are those factors that most of the successful law professionals seem to be having in them? Is it intelligence, keen observation, years of study, and research? It is but all of these aspects and much, much more.

Eye for detail and a keen ear for listening

These are the two traits that most successful lawyers seem to have adapted in their practice. Law is not an abstract practice; you have to observe and listen to make successful legal strategies and comprehend large amounts of information. You later have the liberty to filter the necessary information and apply them successfully to the case in hand.

Articulate in communication, meticulous in research

A lawyer has to conduct an in-depth study on the case in hand as well as communicate it effectively to clients/judges or any other concerned person. Putting forth an argument effectively, presenting a case before the judge and being confident about your stand, goes a long way as a winning strategy for any lawyer.

Ability to convince others

Understanding the pros and cons of a subject is important to convince the other side as a winning strategy. You cannot be sitting on the fence while lawyering. You have to stay ‘put’ on your stand, remain focused, and convince your opponent by making informed statements.

To be persuasive

“Never give up” – seems to be a daily motto in the life of a lawyer. Being persuasive is all about this as you are fighting for the rights of another person- AKA your client. As a law student, you may realize that the road to becoming a good lawyer requires a great deal of perseverance and commitment. Later as you begin working and during the course of your career, it is perseverance that will ensure you reach your goals.

As we see, while some of the traits may already be within you, there are still a few traits that you develop within you as a legal professional. It is the profession that teaches you so much; from hearing out the clients to understanding their point-of-view, and feeling the need to protect their rights.

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This article is written by Priya Bhat – Content Developer & Lawyer with 7+ years of legal practice in the field.

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